1. A New family of Skew-Normal lifetime Distributions for Industrial Applications
  2. A New Embedded Surveillance System for Reducing COVID-19 Outbreak in Elderly
  3. A new approach of staff lines removal for manuscript documents
  4. A New and Reliable Objective Functions for Extracting the Unknown Parameters of Solar
  5. A Meta-Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth
  6. A Machine Learning-based Error Model for Quality Control of Functional Approximate
  7. A Literature Review of Organizational Cultural Drivers Affecting the Digital Transformation
  8. A Hybrid Approach for Linguistic Summarization of Time Series
  9. A Co-Scheduling System for Fog-node Recommendation and Load Management in
  10. Warning System for the Return of COVID-19 by Using the Social Media Data
  11. Using MLP partial responses to explain in-hospital mortality in ICU
  12. UML Modeling of Online Public Bus Reservation System in Egypt
  13. Tweets Sentiment Analysis During COVID-19 Pandemic
  14. Tree-Based Methods for Loan Approval
  15. Time-Series Model for Forecasting Short-term Future Additions of Renewable Energy to
  16. The synergic relationship between e-commerce and sentiment analysis
  17. The cyber security in the age of telework
  18. Tandem Organic Solar Cell Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology
  19. Survey Energy-Efficient Scheduling Approaches for Sensor-Cloud0
  20. Supporting Tool for The Transition of Existing Small and Medium Enterprises Towards
  21. Software Defects Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms
  22. Slow Hypertext Transfer Protocol Mitigation Model in Software Defined Networks
  23. Skyline Computation on Multicore Architectures
  24. Security and Power Management in IoT and Fog Computing
  25. Risk based Payment Integrity Evaluation
  26. Resilience and Agility as Indispensable Conditions for Sustaining Viable Supply Chain
  27. Reinforcement Learning with the Classical Q-Learning Algorithm for Optimizing Single
  28. Region proposal and object detection using HoG-based CNN feature map
  29. Random Forest vs. SVM vs. KNN in classifying Smartphone and Smartwatch sensor data
  30. Quantum Circuits for Binary Convolution
  31. Proposed Mobile Application for Islamic Fintech E-Salam System an
  32. Prediction of Stock Price and Direction Using Neural Networks
  33. Predicting Repurchase Intention Using Textual Features of Online Customer Reviews
  34. Pervasive Computing Paradigm
  35. Parallel Programming for Classification Algorithms Using Logistic Regression and Artificial
  36. Nonparametric Kullback-Leibler distance-based method for networks Intrusion detection
  37. Multiple Imputation of Missing Data in Marketing
  38. Multi-Objective Optimization for Sustainable Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Under
  39. Monitoring of Prolonged and Asymmetrical Posture to Improve Sitting Behavior
  40. Modeling and Implementation of an Automatic Drip Irrigation System
  41. Measuring Engagement Level in Child-Robot Interaction Using Machine Learning Based
  42. Machine Learning for Predicting Perovskite Solar Cell Opto-Electronic Properties
  43. Liver Segmentation using Fast-Generalized Fuzzy C-Means (FG-FCM) from CT Scans
  44. Investment in Human Capital to Promote the Knowledge-Based Economy
  45. Indonesian Sentiment Analysis An Experimental Study of Four Kernel Functions on SVM
  46. Incremental Outlier Detection in Air Quality Data Using Statistical Methods
  47. Improving Stock Prediction Accuracy Using CNN and LSTM
  48. Improve Irrigation Timing Decision for Agriculture using Real Time Data and Machine
  49. Impact of Oversampling on the Classification of Readily Biodegradable Materials
  50. Impact of Normalization on BiLSTM Based Models for Energy Disaggregation
  51. Impact of E-Commerce on Bahrain’s Economy
  52. Impact of Digital Capabilities and Technology Skills on Effectiveness of Government
  53. Image Processing Based Approach for Crime Scene Investigation Using Drone
  54. Image Classification using Convolution Neural Network Based Hash Encoding and Particle
  55. Identification of Asthma Severity Using Wavelet Transform and K-nearest-neighbour
  56. Hybrid Intrusion Detection System based on Deep Learning
  57. Hybrid Classification Method to Detect the Presence of Human in a Smart Building
  58. Human Age Prediction Based on Hand Image using Multiclass Classification
  59. Handwriting based Personality Identification using Textural Features
  60. Hand Image-Based Human Age Estimation using a Time Distributed CNN-GRU
  61. Gender Classification and Age Prediction using CNN and ResNet
  62. Forecasting a firm’s position based on Pitroski’s F-score using ARIMA
  63. Female Board Directors and Corporate Financial Performance – A GCC Empirical Evidence
  64. Factors Influencing Consumers’ Electronic Word-of-Mouth (eWOM) Intention among
  65. Face Mask Detection Using MobileNetV2 in The Era
  66. Exploring the Relation Between Blood Tests and COVID-19 Using Machine Learning
  67. Evaluation of Neural Network-Based Fire Prediction Models for Smart Home
  68. Ensemble learning models for short-term electricity demand forecasting
  69. Ensemble Learning Model for Prediction of Natural Gas Spot Price Based on Least Squares
  70. Enhance employee productivity using Talent analytics and Visualization
  71. Emulation of a haemorrhage removal robot used during neurosurgical treatment of glioma
  72. eLearning based Book Recommendation Using Collaborative Filtering and Sequential
  73. E-Banking Phishing Detection Models Based on Classical Machine Learning Algorithms
  74. Early Detection of Alzheimer Diseases Based on Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
  75. Duration Estimation of Vehicle Based Production
  76. DT-CWPT based Entropies for Vocal Fold Pathology Detection
  77. Digital Orientation Scale Development and Validation
  78. Digital Forensic Evidence – The missing link in Threat Modeling
  79. Diabetic Retinopathy Grading Based on a Hybrid Deep Learning Model
  80. Development of a Bahraini open data web portal for investment industry
  81. Determining the Effects of Earthquakes Through Comments on Social Forums
  82. Determination of Sweetness level of Muntingia Calabura using HSV Colorspace
  83. Detection of Malaysian Traffic Signs via Modified YOLOv3 Algorithm
  84. Decision Tree Based Customer Analysis Method for Energy Planning in Smart Cities
  85. Decision Making using Internet of Things and Machine Learning
  86. Data Analytics of Strategic Agility in Organizational Structure and Excellence
  87. Data Analytics and SME Performance
  88. Critical Success Factors as Antecedents of Sustainability in Higher Education Institutions in Emerging Economies
  89. COVID-19 Detection Using Deep Learning Methods
  90. Counter-cyclical monetary policy for overcoming COVID 19 induced recession by
  91. Comparing Sequential and Parallel Word Counting Methods in Finding Commonly
  92. Comparing Naïve Bayes_ Decision Tree and Logistic Regression Methods
  93. Comparing Artificial Pancreas controlled by hybrid
  94. Comparative Study for Deep Reinforcement Learning
  95. Cloud Computing Resources Survey of Advantage_ Disadvantages and Pricing
  96. Classification of Epileptic Seizures using Artificial Neural Network with Adaptive
  97. Children’s Social Vulnerability Index in Indonesia
  98. Capital Structure_ Equity Ownership and Earnings Management
  99. Blockchain Application in Mass Customization
  100. Big Data Storage using Model Driven Engineering
  101. Automated Censorable Content Identification in Videos Using Deep Learning
  102. Assessing the Impact of Text Preprocessing in Sentiment Analysis of Short Social Network
  103. Artificial Intelligence in Banking sector
  104. Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Management
  105. Applying Parallel Processing to Improve the Performance of K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
  106. Application of Adaptive Back-Propagation Neural Networks for Parkinson’s Disease
  107. ANN Based Crime Detection and Prediction using Twitter Posts and Weather Data
  108. Analysis on Power Outage by using Big Data Analytics
  109. Analysis of software vulnerabilities using Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  110. Analysis of Business Intelligence Impact on Organizational Performance
  111. Analysis of a Warranty-Based Quality Management System in the Construction Industry
  112. An Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System for Non- Helmet Wearing Motorcyclists Detection
  113. An Intelligent Passivity-Based Control for Tidal Power Conversion System with PMSG
  114. An Intelligent Agricultural Field Monitoring and Management System
  115. An Integrated Blockchain Approach to Model Secure Internet of Things based Systems
  116. An Empirical Examination on the Degree of Accounting Harmonization of PPE _ Inventory
  117. A Survey On Cloud-Based Distributed Computing System Frameworks
  118. A Study of User Story in Practice
  119. A Review of Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis and Detection of Rotating
  120. A new Generalization of Dagum Distribution with an Application to Financial Data Sets